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People Playground 2

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People Playground 2 Mod

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People Playground 2 Mod is a game based on a real physics engine. People Playground 2 Mod has set up a destructible match man for players. You can use your intelligence to make all kinds of machinery and test the match man with all kinds of strange brain holes.

People Playground 2 Mod is a somewhat experimental game with gory and graphic images, albeit being interesting. The major character in People Playground 2 Mod is a ragdoll, whose fate is solely decided by you. You get to shoot, stab, burn, poison, tear, vaporize, or crush the ragdolls. If you are a person who enjoys throwing ragdolls around, People Playground 2 Mod offers you even better details for your satisfaction.

Please note, People Playground 2 Mod is categorized as a game for a mature audience because of the violence in the scenes.

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